The new era of software for Business wellbeing: initiating lirten software solutions
Lirten Solutions
Branding, naming, strategy, Brand identity, stationery, web, uX/UI, content writing
Reviving the brand identity and messaging of a brand that adopts new ideas and formulate software solutions that adapts to the new telecommunications era.
About Lirten
Lirten is a software house based in Cairo, Egypt that aims to change the status quo of what software solutions should be. Lirten believes in "Digital Made Tangible", where they facilitate the technology businesses need to make better
decisions in the technological, mobile era.
Lirten was founded in 2017 by Samir Orabi, an ex-corporate employee who felt very irritated by the way corporate run their digital business. Samir decided that he needs to find a better, more productive way to provide software solutions for businesses that want to go digital; thus, Lirten was born.

Lirten combines the expertise of corporate as well as the freshness and energetic culture of startups and puts it all into one seamless workflow. Lirten works on a flat structure of as little hierarchy as possible while maintaining enough of a professional work ethic.

Over the past two years Lirten has worked with various clients from various fields to supply them with solutions they need. From cosmetics to customs, Lirten did a lot in a year!
Building a startup is hard, focusing on only good products might be your own downfall. Having good design and great products is how you succeed in today's market!
Building The Brand
The first phase of the project was to refresh the logo, making it pixel perfect and mathematically accurate to subconsciously communicate the idea that Lirten is about perfection in software.

Changing the typeface was a strategic choice to make the brand look slick and tech-y yet subtly enough to give the brand a space for growth into other ventures.

Later, a full brand identity was built to identify the brand throughout all its touch-points, from stationery and brand collateral to social media and web design, the brand needed to work in all channels.
Website and Online Presence
The later phase of the project was to create a website that showed all the different activities Lirten participated in. The website had to follow the same design language yet with enough variety to encompass all the different divisions of Lirten.
approach & solution
Creating a website for a startup is extremely demanding task. A startup needs to shine in the crowded market, especially if its primary target client are large institutions.

The website had to give the feeling that it is of an established company, one with history and experience in the field, yet keeping everything looking fresh and interesting.

Going forward with the website, it was apparent that we needed to create something that gives a fresh sense (and acts as if it was a brand that has been in the space long enough).

We also worked on showing the different aspects of the Lirten's business focus. Showing how it is more of a one-stop-shop to an institution's digitalization journey.
approach & solution
The website followed various phases. We started off by thinking what we need to tell our customers, do we need to tell them head-on, or do we need to show the different parts using visuals?

The second phase was building the messaging: what do we need to say and how, the method of writing and personality to show in the content.

Third,we started tackling the content writing, how does the content fill out in the pages? How shall we write according to the content strategy and messaging? What flow of content do we need to follow?

While doing this, we started going over the UX of the website, how will the user navigate? Are visual cues more important to some parts more than others? How will the user navigate? What are the parts that are important to show, what other interactions could be implied?

Then we moved into UI, adding the visuals, interactions, animations, etc. using the brand colors that was just developed was vital to make this work.