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Digital Humanities as a Method

What do we lose when we digitize? Is the new move of digitalization of cultural heritage a move towards actual preservation of historical artifacts...

From the Internt to the www

"The internet is the largest engineering project the earth has ever seen..." Learn more about how the internet is changing our lives now more than ever

Representing GLAM

Turning more towards a museum for profit rather than cultural preservation. Which isn’t bad in itself, but the role of the museum as a cultural preservatory is no longer viable.

You Do Not Own Who You Are

Do we know who we are? Do we own who we are? What we read? How our minds are formed? How our ideas are shaped? Or are we the result of what we consume? You are what you eat, they say. You are what you read. Watch. See.

The Post-Human Cyborg

Imagine a life without your phone, PC, or TV. Aside from entertainment, could you live your life normally? Could you do your job? Can you even get to the place of work? Let alone visit somewhere you haven’t been before…

Digital Sustainability

Sustainability, the dream of every institution, every major firm, every international committee, and above all the goal of the UN. There are various parts of sustainability that could be discussed: finding sustainable sources of water, food, clean energy, etc. But as digital humanists, we have our eyes focused on “digital sustainability”.